* Chai Lee

Chai Lee is a content marketing and business development consultant for the creative industries

Chai Lee Headshot 2023

Fall 2023, Madison Square Park, NYC. Photo: Jonathan Pilkington

Chai Lee is a natural connector of people, ideas, and experiences. He helps the creative industries grow their businesses by telling stories, building networks, and crafting long-term marketing and communications strategies.

Chai thrives in a collaborative environment and is known for his ability to communicate clearly and inspire confidence. He has a gift for seeing the bigger picture and an uncanny way of understanding complex challenges and finding practical solutions. His unique approach to business has yielded impressive and thoughtful results across a range of industries.

Prior to becoming a full-time independent, Chai spent more than two decades in the arts and culture sector, including 16 years as Associate Director of Marketing and Public Affairs at the Art Institute of Chicago. He later moved to New York and was named sales director for an architectural materials company—but found his true calling as a consultant by 2020.

Chai works with a multitude of clients on both sides of the globe. He travels frequently and has robust networks in NYC, LA, Chicago, Honolulu, and his current base, Taipei.


Content marketing is an opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level, build trust and credibility for your brand, and position yourself as an authority in your industry.But more than that, it can help reach your engagement goals—whether that means increasing awareness of your company or product, generating sales leads, or just making sure you're on brand with your audiences.Chai and his network of professional partners can help take your business to the next level. Service offerings include:


Focus and clarity are critical in the arts, culture, architecture, design, and lifestyle industries. Chai has helped a broad range of clients, from start-up companies to major museums, develop and bring to market everything from websites and annual reports to furniture products and clothing lines.Clients love working with Chai because he helps them distinguish their brands’ most valuable messages and express them in a way that resonates with their audiences.

Zoelle Half Trench Half Skirt Look

Photo: Tim Ho

“Many consultants look at things from their own perspectives, impart knowledge, make suggestions and be done with it.”Chai tries harder to understand the business from the inside, and goes the extra mile to see things through…I have the most trust in him.”

* Alex T., Managing Partner, Zoelle

Zoelle—a fashion startup with international aspirations—was looking for a brand development partner. Chai was recruited to provide his expertise in business networking, cross-cultural communications, brand and product copywriting and more. Zoelle signed with the Paris-based AMF Showroom in 2022 as their successful collaboration continues to evolve.

“Working with Chai has been an absolute pleasure! He often takes very detailed and sometimes complex content assignments and realize them in thoughtful, high standards. Chai’s work exceeds expectations, especially his ability to turn around projects despite the occasional tight deadlines.”

*Annie M., Senior Marketing Manager, HBF and HBF Textiles

HBF and HBF Textiles are two of the most recognized brands in contract furniture and textiles. Chai works closely with both teams to develop their brand vision and messaging, as well as all aspects of product verbiage and campaign copy. The result: a seamless transition from print to digital, with messaging that is fresh and consistent across all channels.

HBF Note Desk

Photo: HBF

“Chai is the guidestar for my marcom program and took me from utter confusion and half-baked floundering measures to a straightforward path in developing my business for the future. Most of all, he does it with a firm guiding hand and a smile that turned the formidable into fun!”

* Jarret Yoshida Interior Design

When New York-based Jarret Yoshida needed a comprehensive marketing communications program for his interior design practice, Chai was the perfect partner. The firm's goals include social media, SEO optimization, email marketing, press relations, and more. Jarret's new website—launched in early 2023—is the culmination of an extensive, year-long project in digital marketing to better connect with his audiences and to reach potential new clients.


Chai loves connecting with people from all over the world. If you're interested in working with him and have a project that needs to be brought to life, please reach out via the form below.Not sure which services you'd like to request from Chai? He'd be happy to offer a free consultation that will help guide you toward making sound decisions in marketing, communications, and business development.